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Busy schedule but would love your dog to learn to stop barking, jumping or get a chance to work on their fitness? I'll come and train your dog while you're at work or out. Just like our dog walking service, I can come by when you are not home to help your dog learn how to be awesome. We will need to schedule a time to review what I have taught your dog to keep things consistent, reach out about package deals as well. 

*Includes email/phone support which expires 2 weeks after the last booked session. Purchasing additional sessions extends out support time. 


$70 per hour



Would you like your dog to have some manners but don't have the time to take them to training? We can help, give us a week or two we'll help shape them into the best version of your dog. Canine fitness training is part of the program! We will need to schedule a time to review what I have taught your dog to keep things consistent, that time is included in the charge. 

*Includes email/phone support which expires 30 days after your dog returns home. Purchasing additional training sessions extends out support time. 


$800 per week



Want to learn the secret sauce to creating a wonderful dog and a wonderful relationship with them? We'll come show you how to work on manners, tricks or most anything you would like to teach your furry friend. Reach out about package deals as well. 

*Includes email/phone support which expires 2 weeks after the last booked session. Purchasing additional sessions extends out support time. 


$90 per hour 

*Own a pet care company and need training for your staff so they can handle dogs that jump, pull or otherwise make them love their job less? I specialize in helping dog walkers and pet sitters love EVERYTHING about walking dogs, from groups to the chronic jumper, drop me a line for my group rates. 

Learn about your Certified  Professional Dog Trainer

Cara Armour grew up with a myriad of pets and anytime she wanted to bring a dog into the house her parents required her to take them to training classes. She loved not only learning from those classes but had a particularly close bond with the dog she would bring.


When she started her pet care business in 2003, she found herself dealing face first with some challenging dogs. Some that would pull, others that would jump and yet others that would pee upon her arrival. She and Gerard consulted with some trainers, even about their own dogs having recall issues but the training never felt right. It was aversive, using choke chains, prong collars and other tools that didn't make you feel good about using them on your dog. 

Finally after meeting Martha Francis from Fetch Dog Training Cara was introduced to the world of positive reinforcement training using tools like clickers. It was then that training clicked, literally. Bad behaviors extinguished new and good behaviors rewarded. Cara was able to have success with client dogs learning that loose leash walking was rewarded and pulling meant they went nowhere. Dogs that jumped suddenly stopped offering the behavior because she learned to stop offering attention of any kind, that's all they wanted. When a dog came running to the door and immediately sat down, high praise! Training became fun, it felt good and Cara knew she found yet another aspect of dog walking she loved.  


In 2011 she took a detour from learning more formalized dog training because she also had a passion for animal health and safety. Cara felt that she had enough knowledge to work positively with her client's pets but wanted to share pet first aid & CPR with the world. That year she became a certified pet first aid & CPR instructor and in 2015 she built an online certification course. Cara continued her passion to keep pets happy and healthy by joining ProTrainings and becoming the manager of ProPetHero, their ER veterinary pet first aid & CPR certification division. But as the focus on saving the world's pets became successful, so did the training of her personal dogs. 


In 2013 after suffering the loss of her previous Boxers from a disease that could have been prevented by better breeding practices, Cara researched getting a Boxer from a reputable breeder who bred away from known health issues. She knew in order to improve the breed she loved, she had to have a hand in helping, and this meant breeding as well as conformation. What she didn't realize is that despite the Boxer she worked so hard to find being genetically and physically everything she dreamed of, she also stumbled into other things she had no idea about but they became her new dreams, dog sports - particularly agility. 

Debbie and Cara quickly found themselves at agility classes, fully immersed back in the face of positive reinforcement training only this went beyond stopping leash pulling and jumping up inappropriately. Agility showed Cara that she could get her prized Boxer around an entire course with just the positioning of her body. The level of communication and the bond she built with her dog was incredible, and she wanted to learn more and more.


Eventually, this agility addiction would lead Cara and her Boxer Debbie to rise to the ranks of eligibility for Westminster, AKC Nationals and her massive goal, to become the #1 preferred AKC agility Boxer and get invited to 2019 Invitationals. All goals seemed to just get crushed despite massive setbacks. Breeding, other sports, having and raising litters from Debbie, from Debbie's offspring and of course still having to work to pay for all of this! But Cara continued to work hard at everything she did so that she and Debbie could enjoy every moment together.

Dogs have literally brought intense meaning to Cara's life, so much so that she met her life partner, business partner, her husband at a dog park. They have shaped her life, keep her waking up with a smile each morning and inspire her to get out and do things! 


Cara now proudly holds the distinction of a certified professional dog trainer through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. She was trained by Emma Parsons and is now proud to be a KPA-CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner). She is also working on completing her training to become a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer so that she can further keep dogs happy and healthy. 

Cara has continued her studies by attending these seminars:

Jun 19, 2016    Amanda Shyne puppy agility at Master Peace                            
Mar 25, 2017    Amanda Shyne weave poles                            
Apr 21, 2018    Amanda Shyne jumps                            
Apr 22, 2018    Amanda Shyne weaves poles                        
5/5/2018    Silvia Trkman running contacts                            
6/9-6/10/2018    Sue Sternberg Dog-Human Environment: Sociability & Aggression & Puppy & Adult Mouthing; Aggression & Safe/Defensive Handling        
8/30/2018    Sarah Stremming Push Button starts and consent to work

February 2019 Fitness Trainer Certificate Program through Fenzi Sports Dog Academy

September 2019 Reducing Overarousal and Reactivity via the Circle Method of Leash Walking by Denise Fenzi of Fenzi Sports Dog Academy

October 2019 Walking with Reactive Dogs by Amy Cook through Fenzi Sports Dog Academy 

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