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Since 2003, Cara has been trained by the American Red Cross as well as several veterinarians in Pet First Aid and CPR. In 2011 she completed an instructor training course and became a certified pet 1st Aid and CPR instructor. In 2015 she co-founded an online pet first aid and CPR company and now works as a product manager for ProPetHero , the pet first aid and CPR division of ProTrainings. 


She also became a certified professional dog trainer from the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy and a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer. She uses her positive reinforcement training skills to help pet parents with good manners, great conditioning and to have fun exercising in sports like agility. She currently teaches tricks, CGC, agility and more classes at Gemini Dogs in Littleton, MA. 


Cara also volunteered for The Boxer Rescue, is a health-conscious breeder of Boxers (Sinnott Boxers ), as well as a member of the Middlesex Boxer Club, North Shore Kennel Club, LEAP Agility Club of Central, MA and many more. She serves as a mentor to many in the pet industry as well as those in the small business world.

She spends her free time training dogs and traveling to agility, scent work and other canine performance sport events. When not at a trial or teaching a class, she can be found working her own dogs or in the off-chance, playing in her garden. 

The founding dogs of Active Paws' Inc. were two beautiful Boxers father and son, Tank and Dozer. She and her husband lost Dozer to a devastating genetic disease in late December 2011, followed by Tank in May 2013. Cara is very active in the prevention of Degenerative Myelopathy, the paralyzing disease that took her foundation dogs from her before their time. She and her husband breed health-conscious Boxers with good temperaments with the goal of improving the breed they love so dearly. For more information about their involvement with Boxers, check out their site Sinnott Boxers.  

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Gerard met Cara back in 2002 while walking his sister's two Boxers in a local dog park. He was visiting from Northern Ireland for a summer vacation and upon returning from renewing his visa, the promise of work as a carpenter he had secured fell through. Cara was in the beginning stages of starting Active Paws so Gerard came on board to help the growing start-up. With his natural dog skills, Gerard helped catapult the dog walking business.

Gerard is our senior playgroup leader who has spent countless years playing with your dogs and loving every minute of it. He's been a staple and the backbone of the business, keeping Cara in check when she comes up with too many ideas on how to better serve your pups. 


Gerard is also a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist. He is passionate about the health of our pets and yours. The foundation of life, especially for our pets stems from proper nutrition, socialization, and exercise; without these, we cannot achieve a happy balanced pet. We owe this healthy lifestyle to any animal for which we have chosen to bring into our lives. 

Gerard's love of dogs started with his family dog Max who he lost at a young age. His favorite activities are hiking, cooking and photography. 

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