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What We Offer

Dog Walking and Playgroups

Go to this section to learn about what Active Paws offers by way of individual dog walks, groupgroups, puppy packages and local transportation services. Click here for more info on dog walking and play group services.

Pet Sitting

Need your kitty cared for or are already a current dog walking client and want to go on vacation but don't want to put your dog in a kennel? We understand, that's why Active Paws offers pet sitting; where your pets will be treated like one of our own. We have a few options for your pets, go to this section for more information on pet sitting services.

Pet First Aid & CPR Classes

Your pet breaks out in hives and is having trouble breathing. Would you know what to do? Many pets can die on the way to the emergency vet, but a savvy pet owner can take some small measures that may help you save your pet's life. Click here for more info on pet first aid and CPR classes.​

Nutritional Consulting (Coming soon!)

Does your pet have sparse fur around his or her eyes, is his coat not glossy enough for your tastes, or does your pet generally seem to have digestive issues? What makes one kibble better than another? Or, do you simply want to make sure your pet is getting the best possible nutrition on the market? Soon, we'll be offering nutritional consulting so that you can get all of your questions answered from a trusted and unbiased source.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Active Paws has been in business since 2003 for a reason: Our clients are happy! Click here to see what clients say about Active Paws.

Operations Policies

Even though dog walking and pet sitting is a fun business, it's still a business. Here's where we go into detail on what happens if you need to add, change or cancel services.

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